The Breakaway Program is an innovative recreational respite program providing centre-based activities and excursions for children and young people aged between 5 and 17 years with mild to moderate disability.

All programs are supervised by trained and experienced staff to ensure a fun and safe environment.

There are three Breakaway Programs run by Youth Services.

Junior Breakaway Program - (5 - 11 Years)
Senior Breakaway Program - (12 - 17 Years)
Young Adults Program 1eight2five - (18 - 25 years)

To attend the Breakaway program, enrolment and bookings are essential.
Please note that numbers are limited.
To book into the Breakaway program, contact the
Breakaway Co-ordinator on 8734 1355

Breakaway Brochure
Breakaway Brochure

Breakaway Parent Handbook
Breakaway Parent Handbook

To attend Breakaway, families need to have undergone an assessment by the Young Families Assessment Officer on 9742 0777.  During the time of Assessment, Breakaway will be offered to families and a copy of the personal care details will be forwarded to the staff to ensure your child’s individual needs are met at the program.

Times available:
The Breakaway program operates on Saturday’s during each month, and some days during school holidays.  The time and age group programs changes each month and families receive a program through the mail – the program works on a booking system where families contact the Coordinator to book their child/ren in for the program they are most interested in attending.

Please be aware that not every program will be suitable for every young person.  Allocation of programs will be made at the discretion of the Breakaway Program Officer.

Allocation of service:
During the time of Assessment, Breakaway will be offered to eligible clients.  Once family give permission for their child to attend the program, they will book in to the programs that most interest them according to the programs that are mailed out to families.  Contacting the Breakaway Respite Program Coordinator makes bookings.

The Breakaway Program Coordinator 8734 1355 or